This blog is a collection of images and tweets about what it means to 'be a raver'.

You can contribute to this blog by using the hashtag #borntobearaver on Instagram or Twitter. Posts will automatically appear here, although it may take a little while.

Let us know what raving means to you in a photo (from now or 'back in the day') or an 'incident' in less than 140 characters.


This blog is in support of the forthcoming single 'Raver' by Ayah Marar, released on 9th December 2012. You can learn more about Ayah at her site - here and get more free downloads here.

On 9th December Ayah will pick some of her favourite photos and tweets and we'll send those winners rave goody bags.

Let's see 'em!

Ayah Marar - A name you should know; dubbed 'the queen of UK bass' and with a loyal following of 'bunheads', Ayah has been putting in the work for years. She’s collaborated with Calvin Harris, Camo & Krooked, DJ Marky, Toddla T, Total Science and many of the finest bass music producers around.

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